Character Creation Stuff

Hello there my minions and victims. Here we shall be listing the rules and regulations for making characters for this Campaign, and yeah… hope they aren’t too confusing.

1) To get your Attributes, we shall be rolling SEVEN Sets of 4d6 Minus the Lowest; This is so people have some choice over how their character will be stat’d up.

2) Starting at Lvl “0”, or 1st lvl NPC Class; Choose one of the provided NPC Class selections, and we’ll decide your class combo from there.

3) Gestalt; Due to storyline and plot that is under works, ever PC will become a Gestalt upon getting their PC Powers. Using your NPC Class, decide what would be best for your character, and create a story from there. I shall describe how Gestalting works from there.

4) Traits/Flaws; Each character starts off with TWO character traits, they can gain more from story or feats. With this, everyone has to choose a single flaw to dictate their character, but the flaw nets you an extra FOUR Skill Points.

5) Craft Skills; I have always had this one rule when it comes to Craft skills, you can have as many different Crafts as your INTELLIGENCE MOD. So if you have a +3 INT Mod, you can have THREE Craft Skills. Also, these can be ANYTHING. Be Creative.

6) Every character has to choose a Profession; Sort of like Tome of Secrets Occupations, this gets you some more skill points, and a free feat OR extra starting gold.

7) Starting Gold; Starting gold will be dictated through the use of rolling a set number PROFESSION, PERFORM, or a CRAFT roll, depending on how you want to be known in the game world. This set number will be determined by the total number of dice you roll for starting gold from your classes, by adding together the results then getting half of that. So say you have a Rogue/Bard Gestalted character; Rogue=4 Dice, Bard=3, so this character rolls 7 sets of either Craft, Profession, or Perform.

8) Contacts; This is a new system we’re going to try out, and should help out crafting a character back story, how you got your starting equipment, and certain training. Take your Cha score, the full thing, add in the Int Mod of your character, and that should get you a set amount of points. Now each contact has Loyalty to the PC and Connection, which dictates their niche in their life and what they can do. Be Creative with it, BUT also be realistic. Each point of Loyalty and Connection costs a single point from your pool, up to a Maximum of 6 for each set.

Character Creation Stuff

This is Adventure!! ZeriqHaruk